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To apply for the Young Grittletons course for 2024 please fill in your details on the following form.

We ask for a deposit of £50.

If selected, we will contact you with confirmation of your place and invoice the remaining outstanding amount.

Swimming Pool – Use of the swimming pool is an additional extra charged at £11 for the week. Please select Y or N below.

Terms of Booking

  1. The course fee is £499.00 and includes all tuition, pastoral care, accommodation & full board. There is a £5.00 non-refundable admin fee. (Students are required to bring their own bedding and towels)
  2. A £50 deposit is payable at the time of booking.
  3. Full payment of course fees is required by 1st June 2024. Invoices will be issued in April 2024.
  4. If requested, a discount of £50 will be applied to the fee balance for each additional sibling attending the course
  5. Any Grittleton bursary award will be applied to the fee balance.
  6. Use of the swimming pool is an optional extra and charged at £11 for the week. A pro rata refund will be issued if the pool is closed.

Cancellation of Course

  1. Cancellation of course – A full refund will be made, minus the £5.00 admin fee.

Cancellation by student/parent

  1. A booking cancellation should be made in writing or by email to the Course Organiser.
  2. The initial £50 deposit is non-refundable.
  3. Where notice of cancellation is received by the Course Organiser before the course begins (the notice period), a refund will be made of 1.66 % of course fees paid (excluding deposit and £5.00 admin fee) for each day of the notice period up to a maximum of 100% (excluding deposit and £5.00 admin fee).
  4. A parent/guardian will need to ensure that arrangements are in place to collect students in the event that the course has to terminate early, or a student has to leave the course early due to sickness.